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Monolithic tools

angular face milling cutter, ball milling cutter, blade milling cutter, carving milling cutter, circular-saw blades, concave semi-circle radius cutter, face milling cutter, facet milling cutter, grooving cutter – Aluminium MTC, grooving cutter for linear slots, micro milling cutter, milling cutter – T grooving, milling cutter with trapezial tooth, mini milling cutter, PKD milling cutter, with inside cooling, radius milling cutter, roller milling cutter, side and face cutter, surfacing milling cutter, toroid milling cutter

Tools with indexable inserts

45° – milling head for flat milling with high power, Aeromaster90°, angle milling cutter, circular cutter, copy milling cutter, die-dinking cutter, disc milling cutter, dividing cutter, facet milling cutter 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, flat milling cutter, grooving cutter, high-power cutter HPC for extreme movement, Minimaster, rhombic milling cutter, torus cutter

Sharpening and coating tools

We offer our customers the possibility of sharpening and coating tools. Sharpening is carried out on the most modern machines. The type of coating is then selected, depending on the particular application of the tool for the material. Several types of coatings are available, e.g.

TiN , TiCN, TiCC, Alcrona, AlTiN, AlTiN HARD, AlTiSiN, CrN, MDT, MDT+, or. Low temperature cycles below 200°C.

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