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Clamps, vices, clamping systems, vices, accessories, chucks, 3D testers

Collet chucks DIN6499 ER, Collet chucks DIN6388 OZ, Collet chucks System KPS, Collet chucks for collets DIN6499 / ISO 15488) ER mini system, power chuck, tool chucks with side clamping pad DIN 1835 B (DIN6535 HB) Weldon, chucks for tools with side chuck DIN 1835 E (DIN6535 HE) Whistle Notch, tool holders with side chuck DIN 1835 B (DIN6535 HB) Weldon – with cooling channels, reduction for tools with Morse taper shank (drills) – with chamfer ( DIN6383), adapter for threaded tools (for milling cutters) – (DIN6364), combination drill chucks (DIN 6358), end milling cutters with cross slot (DIN 6357), drill holders, drill holders DIN238, CNC drill sleeves , self-tapping sleeves with pressure and tension equalization, self-tapping sleeves for synchronization, inspection mandrels, hydro-clamps, heat-clamps, prodlo chucks, thread milling clamps, thermal clamps, polygon shank (Capto modular system) ISO 26623-1, ISO 26623-2

DIN 69871 AD/B (SK30/SK40/SK50)

JIS B6339 (MAS 403 BT) – BT30/BT40/BT50

DIN 2080 (SK30/SK40/SK50)

DIN 69893 (ISO 12164-1) HSK

DIN 69880 (ISO 10889-1) VDI a HAAS

Clamps with Polygon Shank (Modular Capto System) ISO 26623-1, ISO 26623-2

Clamping systems, vices

5-axis XPENT chuck, hydraulic vices, wedge clamping segments, modular vices, NC vices, NC high pressure vices, pneumatic vices, precision vices for grinding, manual vices for drills, quick clamps, Xtric center vices, ZeroClamp ZeroClamp clamping systems “, multiple tension bars, Al jaws, leaf jaws, smooth jaws, prismatic jaws, stepped jaws, clamping jaws-smooth, base jaws, basic jaws-soft

Chucks, chucks, jaws

4-fold turret (RD) and universal quick-change toolholders (UD), four-jaw chucks with short taper, four-jaw chucks with cylindrical centering chuck, DURO three-jaw chuck with short taper, DURO three-jaw chuck with four-center chuck system , light swivel turning tips, swivel turning tips 60 °, swivel turning tips with Morse taper, swivel turning tips with die, swivel turning tips with pressure indicator, swiveling centering cones, fixed and centering tips, TOROK turning chuck for SK65 collets, chucks and machine spindle heads, three-jaw chucks with short taper, three-jaw chucks with cylindrical centering chuck, universal rotary turning tips

Accessories (Collets, Nuts, Clamping Wrenches, Clamping Pins, Mounting Jigs)

3D Testers and Indikator

Analog 3D Encoder, Digital 3D Encoder, Fine Zero Adjuster, Zero Adjuster, Precision Centering Instrument C III Precision Centering Instrument C OS, Accessories for 3D Encoders (short touch probe, long version), Edge Encoder (approach pin), Encoder edges with light indicator

Clamps, washers, nuts, studs, groove blocks, quick couplers

slotted stones (rhombus), slotted T-stones (touristic, long version), diamond screws, round and conical washers DIN6319 form C, D, G, studs and T-slot bolts, collar nuts, offset offset clamps, adjustable offset clamps, flat slotted blocks for screwing, DIN6340 washers (extra distant), clamp washers, extension nuts, precision slot blocks (flush), for jig and tool alignment, clamping jigs in sleeve , sets of clamping screws for T-slots, adjustable clamps, stepped supports under clamps, Atlas screw-in supports with locking nut, screw-in supports with magnetic bottom edge, screw-in supports with chip protection, screw-in supports with straight bearing side, T-slot screws , heavy bolts with set screw, universal clamping washers, DIN6314 clamps, clamping straps, clamping with teeth, teeth DIN6314 Z, fork clamps, fork clamps with nose, fork clamps angled, loose centering grooves, leveling adapters ( clamp, prismatic, fixation for fork clamps), basic fixture sets, crank clamps DIN6316, studs

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